Watch this little cutie get a hose bath from a happy tourist

By Kelli Bender
Updated March 22, 2015 10:00 PM

We have new #vacationgoals after watching this video.

Danish tourist Claus Jorgensen recently visited ElephantStay in Ayutthaya, Thailand. This destination is an animal lover’s dream, offering visitors a variety of hands-on experiences with the pachyderms who live there full-time.

Among the ElephantStay’s many offers, Jorgensen made the wise choice to meet Trouble. Trouble is one of the three baby elephants who reside at the reserve, and she loves causing a scene.

And that’s exactly what she did when Jorgensen and his family decided to give the little one a bath. Instead of sitting in the tub and patiently getting clean, Trouble spent most of her time flopping in and out of the bath like a dizzy fish.

She may not be the conventional bathing beauty, but Trouble sure knows how to make tub time look fun.

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