Estella was found on the side of the road with a broken back

Estella is on a roll now, but she had a hard start to life.

The sweet guinea pig was found abandoned on the side of a road in Calaveras County, California, according to The Dodo, with paralyzed back legs and a broken back from being squeezed too hard.

She and her friend Pip, who was left with her, were taken to a local animal shelter by the concerned animal lover who found the pair. Unfortunately, the shelter was not equipped to help Estella.

“Estella along with her boyfriend Pip were left at an animal shelter in Calaveras County in the spring,” Christine Morrissey, of Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, told The Dodo. “She received no pain relief or vet care for an entire month.”

After a month, a volunteer at the shelter contacted Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary to see if they could care for Estella and her beau. Harvest Home happily took the couple in.

At her new digs, Estella received the pain treatment she needed for her condition, but was still left immobile, spending her days in bed watching Pip run free. Determined to give the guinea pig the fullest life possible, Harvest Home started a fundraiser to get a custom wheelchair built for Estella.

The sanctuary reached their goal quickly, thanks to numerous caring donors, and it recently announced that Estella is already test driving her new wheelchair.

“Estella’s new custom wheelchair is almost ready to ride,” Morrissey said. “Just a few more adjustments and it’s time to rock and roll!”