Fuchsia the Purple Cat Is Up for Adoption in Texas

Fuchsia was found wandering around outside an apartment building


You have probably heard of a Purple People Eater, but how about a Purple Kibble Eater?

Meet Fuchsia. This violet feline is currently up for adoption at the Humane Society of North Texas, reports 5 News. Not so surprisingly, Fuchsia got her name from the unusual color of her coat.

The dyed calico cat was found wandering around outside a Fort Worth apartment complex by a Good Samaritan, who brought her into the shelter.

“She was a little frustrated when she came into the shelter, but I don’t think anyone blamed her for that,” said Humane Society employee Whitney Hanson.

Staff at the shelter attempted to wash off the dye several times, but were unable to get the purple fully removed from the pussycat’s fur.

Dyeing pets has become a trend over the past few years, but it can be unsafe for animals. While there are nontoxic dyes, some dyes contain chemicals that can be dangerous to pets, especially cats.

Thankfully, the dye used on Fuchsia’s fur is nontoxic. She may have an unusual outside appearance, but she is all healthy on the inside.

The Humane Society hopes the feline’s eye-catching hue will help Fuchsia find a forever home.

“She’s really come out of her shell,” said Hanson. “She was a little bit shy, but she’s very sweet and she’s quickly become a staff favorite. Any family is going to be lucky to have her.”

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