March 12, 2010 08:00 PM

Frosty the cat made it out of a deep-freeze alive after two days in –28-degree temps, but he lost both his ears, his tail and his “little boy things” to frostbite.

For four to five weeks, the 1-year-old black-and-white tabby had been spotted wandering in and out of a refrigerated warehouse that stores frozen food for a large supermarket chain in the U.K. It’s believed he first got to the warehouse from the bed of a freight truck, and fed off of frozen peas to sustain himself.

Warehouse workers had tried to catch Frosty, but couldn’t until the cat found his way into the deep-freeze section last month, where he remained for somewhere between 24 and 48 hours.

Because he was half-frozen and unable to move as quickly, Frosty was picked up by an animal collection officer and whisked off to the RSPCA. Due to his severe frostbite, one of his ears fell off on its own, and a vet decided to remove Frosty’s other ear and tail, as they would have fallen off eventually.

“Since then, he’s been on the mend, and has had lots of attention, as you can imagine,” RSPCA officer Steve Sellers tells “He’s livening up a little bit, and more of his personality is coming out every day.”

The RSPCA has received over a hundred calls from people interested in adopting Frosty, eight of whom claimed Frosty was their cat. So far, none of those claims have matched up, but the good news is that Frosty already has a likely new home with warehouse employee Danny Brown.

“He’s been up to visit almost every other day,” Sellers says. “Frosty certainly reacts better to the ladies than the men, but he’s getting used to Danny now.”

Brown, who is contemplating a name change for Frosty, had considered calling the cat Shrink Wrap Tiger Brown in honor of the shrink wrapping department at the warehouse, “but he may be rethinking that now.”

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