Cupcake the calf was born with crooked front legs that make it hard for her to get around, but Bo the puppy doesn't mind staying put and cuddling with her

By Kelli Bender
July 02, 2020 04:36 PM

Cupcake's life wasn't always as sweet as it is now.

The young animal known as a "downed calf" was born with crooked front legs that did not straighten out as she grew. The birth defect makes it difficult for Cupcake to get around, but she is making progress towards a more mobile future thanks to Genia Kay Meyer and her pup Bo.

Meyer of Peavine, Oklahoma took over caring for the calf from her cousin, who was unable to provide the care the baby animal needed. And while it is Meyer that started a GoFundMe for the calf's care and gives the baby animal bottles, it is Bo who never leaves Cupcake's side.

"The very first day we took her home and started her on the bottle, he just took up with her and started licking up all the milk off her face, and wouldn’t leave her," Meyer told KFOR.

Bo was brought to the farm Meyer and husband Tim share to help round up cattle. Unfortunately, the puppy tends to get sick on truck rides making it hard to reach the cattle he needs to herd. On the positive side, this issue has freed up Bo to look after Cupcake and be a calf dog instead.

"I don’t know if it was curiosity or what it was, but he just laid by her and stayed with her," Meyer said, adding that the pair are very "loving" towards one another and spend most of their time playing and cuddling.

As a lucky witness to this unique relationship, Meyer felt motivated to share Bo and Cupcake's bond with others, so she created a Facebook page for the duo.

Cupcake and Bo already have over 1,000 followers who love to like, comment, and share videos and photos of the dog and calf paling around together.

Meyer and her husband are working to right Cupcake's legs, as they have had success in the past teaching downed calves "to right themselves and grow properly," according to KFOR. Still, there is a possibility that the calf will require surgery, and the success of that operation is not a guarantee. The GoFundMe Meyer started to help cover the costs of Cupcake's care has already exceeded its $1,000 go.

While it is unclear what Cupcake's future holds, it is clear that she and Bo are going to enjoy every minute they have together.