Max the Husky needed a friend like Quackers the duck after his canine companion died


It’s the sweetest pit stop in the world.

Max the 12-year-old husky and Quackers the 4-year-old duck live along a country road in Strout, Minnesota, where drivers can often spot them sitting side-by-side, muzzle to beak.

According to WCCO, the pair are best friends and have been for years. Like a precious phoenix, their bond rose from the end of another. Max used to be inseparable from his owner’s other husky Sasha, but when she passed away, the dog was left alone.

Aware that he was hurting, Max’s family adopted Quackers. It didn’t take long for the duck to imprint on the canine, and for Max to catch feelings too.

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“He was without any friends, and so Max would sit next to his pen all the time and I think they just kind of bonded that way,” owner Patrick Riley said. “After we let him out, they just never left each other’s side.”

Now, the duo does everything together. They sleep on the same carpet square, share their meals and go on long strolls along the road near their home.

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“We see people stopping over there all the time. The traffic gets clogged up over there sometimes because of all the pictures getting taken,” Alisa Godejahn, Max and Quackers’ neighbor, said.

A friendship this beautifully unique, just can’t be ignored.