The slippery pup hugged the surfer until he let him ride on the board, too

By Maria Yagoda
March 24, 2015 09:30 PM

When Dan Murphy felt a creature crawl on his back as he was surfing in Cardiff, California, he assumed he was being attacked, according to NBC Los Angeles. Turns out, his new companion was a friendly, albeit uncoordinated, sea lion pup who just wanted to ride the waves with him.

“You see a lot of wildlife. You see those pups around this time of year,” Murphy, a longtime surfer, told NBC Los Angeles. “I’ve never seen them interact with people like that.”

The two became fast friends, as the pup alternated between hugging Murphy’s back, crawling into the surfer’s lap, and flopping around on the board for “well over an hour.”

Fortunately, Murphy’s friend, Eileen Quintela, was around to capture photos of the adorable interaction. When Murphy had go back on land, the goodbye was intense.

“I was literally in tears,” he said.