July 21, 2015 06:00 PM


KCTV5Clearly, Tux the dog has expensive taste.

The hungry French bulldog swallowed his owner’s engagement ring and veterinarians had to step in to get it out of his stomach.

According to WSVN News, Jessica Farah tore her house apart looking for the missing ring last Wednesday.

“I didn’t realize it had fallen off,” she said, adding that she thought she heard the dog chewing on a dog collar earlier in the day. “I thought to myself, ‘He’s probably eating his brother’s collar,’ the other dog we have’s collar. He’s always doing that. And a little later, I look at my hand, and I think, ‘Oh no.’ ”

Farah took the pup to Ludlam Dixie Animal Clinic in Miami, Florida, the next morning, where a veterinarian confirmed her suspicion and decided to act quickly.

“What was important was that it didn’t move on because if it had moved on to the intestine it certainly a harder thing to try and fetch it,” said veterinarian Robert Ferran.

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They used an endoscope to safely remove the ring, which is now back on Farah’s finger.

“I’m never taking it off – showering, gym, everything,” she said. “It’s never coming off.”

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