"Ed O'Neill loved her to death just like the creators and that's why they put her on the show," owner Steve Solomon of Good Dog Animals tells PEOPLE

Modern Family
Credit: Walt Disney Television via Getty Images/Peter "Hopper" Stone

Modern Family lost one of its beloved stars when French bulldog Stella, whose real name was Beatrice, died on March 7.

Beatrice’s owner, Steve Solomon of Good Dog Animals, tells PEOPLE the 9-year-old was an “incredible little dog” who worked on the ABC series for nine seasons.

“She worked her butt off on Modern Family for years. We can’t thank her enough for that,” Solomon says of Beatrice, who played the beloved dog of Ed O’Neill’s character Jay Pritchett.

“When she was a little puppy she was just as cute as a button. Never thought she would be the star that she was. She ended up proving herself to be a great puppy on that show. Ed O’Neill loved her to death just like the creators and that’s why they put her on the show,” Solomon says.

Modern Family
Credit: Walt Disney Television via Getty Images/Peter "Hopper" Stone

Beatrice died due to having fluid around her heart, a health condition that required surgery. “When they went to take it out, she went into cardiac arrest and they revived her. But after that, they soon lost her again and of course, in the power of everything to be done was done but unfortunately, it was one of those things that you can’t go backward on,” Solomon says.

ABC's "Modern Family" - Season Six
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In a statement released on Twitter Monday, Good Dog Animals said the organization was “heartbroken and devastated.”

“It is with our deepest regrets to inform you all that we have lost our beloved Beatrice. Last Saturday she was rushed to the emergency room. She had fluid around her heart which was compressing down. The cardiologist went to remove the fluid and she went into cardiac arrest. They started CPR but they were not able to revive her. We are heartbroken and devastated! It was way too soon, but happy in knowing how many lives she has affected,” the statement read. “We are so grateful to know that she has so many fans that embraced her with such love and support!! She will be with us forever! She is the Modern Dog.”

Beatrice was first introduced as Stella in season 4 after she replaced predecessor Brigitte, a fellow French Bulldog and dog actress.

Solomon tells PEOPLE that Beatrice was “in the last season of Modern Family, of course.”

The series finale will air on April 8, concluding the show’s 11-season run.