November 28, 2017 02:58 PM

These dark-furred cuties may look alike, they may even enjoy the extra warmth each other’s compact bodies provide on that leather chair during the chilly winter months.

However, one of these fellas is a little less enthusiastic about their afternoon rendezvous. Like many “twins,” just because their outsides are similar, doesn’t mean their inner selves are equally identical.

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Frenchie here is clearly the rough and tumble, happy-go-lucky type. He wears his feelings on his furry sleeves and lets it all hang out (“it” mostly being his tongue).

Meanwhile, Mr. Bunny is much more reserved. He’s more of a nose-twitcher than a get all up in there and sniff-sniff-sniffer. He’ll put up with Frenchie’s antics, but Bah-Humbunny is not all about looking foolish in some silly viral pet video this holiday season.

You got that, people? Stop trying to make “French Bulldog and Bunny Play Date” happen. It’s not gonna happen!

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