January 15, 2018 01:17 PM

Five-month-old Yuan Meng, the first panda cub born in France, made his public debut on Jan. 13, but he only had eyes for mom.

The black-and-white baby boy, whose name means “making a dream come true,” waddled out into his exhibit at the Zoo Parc de Beauval in front of hundreds of eyes, belonging to animal lovers far and wide.

According to The Associated Press, the crowd didn’t have much of an effect on the cub. Yuan Meng spent most of his Saturday crawling all over his mom, who probably hoped this public debut would be an opportunity to sneak in a nap.

No sleeping here! Instead, the mother-son pair spent most of the day cuddling, playing and unknowingly posing for photos that seem too precious to be real.


Not present on this big day was the cub’s famous godmother. France’s first lady Brigette Macron is Yuan Meng’s godmother. She met the cutie for this first time in December, when the cub’s name was announced.


Yuan Meng was born on Aug. 5 to parents Huan Huan and Yuan Zi. Mom and dad are both on loan to the zoo from China, first arriving at the French zoo in 2012. It took the pair five years to reproduce, but the wait was worth it.


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The cub is an important part of China’s panda conservation work. Once Yuan Meng is a few years old, he will move to China where he will live among dozens of other pandas at one of the country’s conservation bases.

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