The fox needed the help of the RSPCA, the London Fire Brigade and some heavy machinery to get free of the wheel

By People Staff
May 28, 2020 02:09 PM

This less than fantastic Mr. Fox had to be freed by firefighters after its head got stuck in an old car wheel.

The owners of a house in Croydon, England went out into their garden last week and spotted the fox with his head stuck in a spare alloy wheel.

They called the RSPCA for help because the fox was desperately trying to free itself but was unable to escape.

An RSPCA volunteer arrived and helped the owners grease the fox's neck — in the hope that the wild animal would be able to slide its head out.

However their efforts were unsuccessful and, with the fox growing more distressed by the minute, they had to send for the local fire brigade to cut the fox free.


"This poor fox was really struggling to free himself and was terrified, so I knew we had to act quickly," RSPCA officer Kirstie Gillard said.


"His neck had swollen from where he'd been desperately tugging his head, so there was no way he was going to pull himself free."

The London Fire Brigade was quickly on the scene, using heavy-duty tools to saw through the metal and free the furry fox.

"Thankfully, the London Fire Brigade were able to spare a bit of time to come out to the home, and while we waited, I offered him some water which he was grateful for," Gillard added. "The fire officers used special equipment to cut through the metal and free the fox. I checked the fox over and as he wasn’t injured I was able to release him."


"I'm so grateful to the London Fire Brigade for sparing some of their time to help this fox - he really wouldn’t have been able to free himself without help from us all."