November 29, 2016 01:45 PM

“I love you but you have to let me go home.”

If you thought that one day you’d be watching a possibly tipsy Englishman say that to a fox, you underestimated 2016. Henry Hoffman’s night out was recently interrupted by a very clingy fox, who — either from loneliness or general emotional neediness — befriended him and then refused to let him go home in peace.

Hoffman holds a rather pleasant conversation with the animal, who steadfastly refuses to let go of his bag. “You’re mad, man. You’re a mad man. I literally don’t know what to do with you,” he tells the fox at one point, shortly before it seems to fall asleep with the strap of his bag clenched in its teeth.

By the video’s end, Hoffman eventually recounts that after a close call with a bus, the fox ran off, apparently to safety. “Good bloke, good bloke,” he summarizes.

Hoffman has been admirably low-key about the viral success of his new friend: “I’ll have to have a chat with the fox before making any money from this,” he responded to a news channel inquiring about licensing the clip on his YouTube channel.

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