Four Paws Two Wheels: Cats Join Owner on Bike Tour Across Europe

The bike tour helped promote the owner's new cat product line, Poopy Cat

Have paws, will travel.

Two cats joined their owner on a cross-continental trip through Europe to help promote their biker’s new collection of kitty products.

In the video, kitty ambassadors Mushi and Cheesy join the creator of Poopy Cat, a line of cardboard toys and litter boxes, on a cycling trip from Amsterdam to London.

While picturing a cat riding tandem may seem ridiculous, this feline aficionado makes it work: Instead of putting the furry duo in a basket, the owner adds a special playpen to the front of his bike.

This mobile home for Mushi and Cheesy comes equipped with plenty of toys and beautiful views. The best part? The kitties don’t need to put a single paw to the pedal – that work is left to the lowly human.

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