The animals, which range in age from puppy to adult, were taken to a local shelter and have no injuries

By Kelli Bender
April 03, 2017 04:28 PM
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Credit: Andy Cross/The Denver Post/Getty

Forty little dogs are stretching their legs after being found living in one home.

According to KATV, forty Chiweenies (Chihuahua/Dachshund mixes) were found cramped inside a condemned home in Russellville, Arkansas, back in February.

The group of hotdog-shaped hounds were taken to Russellville Animal Control, where they are being cared for while their owner awaits trial. Thankfully, the dogs were found unharmed. Vets say the Chiweenies are relatively healthy, albeit with several cases of fleas and missed vaccinations.

The legal issue remains with the number of dogs. The city ordinance of Russellville only allows residents to have four dogs per home. Plus, the owner of the dogs was living on a condemned property with the animals.

The dogs were discovered by local police who answered a breaking and entering call for the house next door. Officers checked a neighboring house for the assailants and found the forty dogs instead, ranging in age from several years to just a few weeks old.

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Police later found the current occupant of the home, and informed her that she was not allowed to live at that property any longer and that her dogs had been moved to the shelter.

After speaking to the owner, authorities don’t believe this is a puppy mill incident, but a case of irresponsible breeding between neighborhood dogs.

“She should have had her dogs spayed and neutered,” Mike Vernon, director of Russellville Animal Control, told KATV. “They were getting bred by a neighbor’s dog and she just got too many.”

The dogs will remain under the care of the shelter until there is a verdict in the owner’s case. The owner recently entered a not-guilty plea for 15 failure to vaccinate charges and a violation of the city’s animal limit.