April 20, 2012 09:00 PM

Sad news out of New York: Former Real Housewives of New York City star Alex McCord’s cat, Madge, passed away Wednesday after being hit by a car.

The reality star took to Facebook to share the news with her fans, posting a photo of the feline and writing, “Rest in peace, big beautiful kitty…..we miss you so much already.”

After getting out of the house Wednesday morning, Madge was struck by a passing vehicle and discovered by McCord’s neighbors, who alerted the family to her death so they could recover the body and have a proper burial.

While the mourning process has been tough on the star, it’s been hardest on her two sons, Francois and Johan, and the family’s other cat, Erin.

“We had Madge’s body in a basket with a towel and we let Erin into the room,” she told Today. “She sniffed her, prodded her a little with her paw and jumped as though she’d been spooked…then she went out into the backyard, vomited and let out a howl we’d never heard her make before.”

Explaining Madge’s death to her children has also been a challenge for McCord, but the pair seems to be taking the loss in stride.

“We talked about how she was different because she wasn’t alive anymore,” she said. “They each wrote her a little note which we put in a box we buried her in and put a marker above her grave.”

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