Cholita now lives in a specially-built home in the Amazon's Taricaya Ecological Reserve

Who doesn’t love the happy ending?

The rescue group saved the spectacled bear from her stressful, caged existence and transported Cholita to the Amazon’s Taricaya Ecological Reserve. Tucked into this stunning cloud forest, is a home specially-built for Cholita by ADI that comes complete with a cave, bathing pool and plenty of room to roam.

ADI recently shared a video of Cholita’s first steps in her new digs, and she looks happier than Baloo at a fruit festival. The clip also includes details about the bear’s eventful journey to this blissful retreat.

The international animal rescue group hopes to bring two more bears, currently stuck in South America’s cruel illegal wildlife trade, to join Cholita soon. To donate to ADI’s efforts to help save more bears and give Cholita companionship, visit their site or call 323-935-2234.