Courtesy Zoom Room
October 23, 2017 04:42 PM

Strudel is here, and she is just as sweet as her name suggests.

The 7-year-old golden retriever is in the middle of a weight loss journey, kickstarted by a difficult time in her life. The close to 80-lb. pooch recently lost her original owner, who obviously gave her more than a loving spoonful at mealtimes, and was adopted by another family.

Courtesy Zoom Room

Unfortunately, due to Strudel’s numerous weight-related health issues, her new family could not care for her properly and decided to surrender the dog back to the shelter.

Courtesy Zoom Room

Virginia Beach-based rescue Heart for Hounds learned how this lovable, bowling ball-shaped pooch was bouncing between homes and intervened, picking her up from the shelter and posting a plea on Facebook for a responsible forever family that was ready to care for Strudel her entire life and help her shed her extra padding.

Courtesy Zoom Room

Fate stepped in and made sure the perfect people for Strudel saw that Facebook post. John and Kristy Cotthaus, owners of Zoom Room, an indoor dog gym and training facility, saw Heart for Hounds’ message and immediately knew they could help this dog with extra weight — and extra love — to give. 

Courtesy Zoom Room

Working with Strudel’s foster family, the couple created a fun fitness regimen for the pudgy pup. For the past three months, Strudel has been attending free agility training classes at Zoom Room and has dropped over 20 lbs. in the process, now weighing in at 54 lbs.

Not only has Strudel lost weight, she has gained mobility. Comparing Strudel’s first day of training to one of her more recent jaunts shows the confidence she is building with each step.


Now that Strudel is well on her way to a healthy size, she is hoping that someone is ready to adopt her and serve as her cheering section when she is at Zoom Room and beyond.

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