We Found Your Next Instagram Follow: Rambo the Pup Has More Sunglasses and Style Than You

Rambo loves meeting fans and giving baby clothes a second life

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Watch out! Cool dog coming through. This is Rambo and he is already Facebook famous. The 5-year-old dog has more than 300,000 FB fans and 26,000 Instagram followers.

If you aren't keeping track of this canine, you're going to want to start because he is "classy, sassy and a little bit bad-assy."

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Rambo's owner brought him home when he was just 11 weeks old — and he has been charming everyone in sight ever since.

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"He is the most sociable, friendly, outgoing pup I've ever known. He's never met a stranger, and he absolutely loves kids," his owner gushes to PEOPLE.

Along with making new friends, Rambo adores starting out the window at the sunshine, which may explain his impressive sunglasses collection.

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But as you may have noticed, Rambo's impressive wardrobe doesn't stop at his eye wear: The dog is constantly decked out in adorable outfits.

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"We get all his clothes from the baby consignment clothing store down the road. Kids seem to grow out of clothes very quickly so the clothes are all very gently worn and fit him soooo well!," his owner says, offering a priceless tip to all Insta-famous pets.

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Rambo's pet parent also has a few other suggestions for helping your furry friend stand apart from the pack.

"Train your dog how to 'sit' and 'look' on command, without getting up from their mark. Getting them to sit and pose for a picture is key to getting a good picture! Also, natural light is everything. Don't ever use a flash, instead take pictures in natural light," she advises.

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If you are lucky enough to run into Rambo in the offline world, don't be afraid to say hi. This pup loves meeting his fans and taking photos with them.

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Still haven't seen enough of Rambo? We get it! Keep updated on the adorable dog by following him on Facebook and Instagram.

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