August 31, 2015 10:30 PM

Lilly the dog is struggling to see after a 70-year-old man in Winter Park, Florida, allegedly shot her in the face.

The 11-year-old husky mix’s owner, Ann Elizabeth Christensen, is shocked and saddened that her dog lost an eye because of her neighbor’s actions, reports WFTV.

“I think what’s so disturbing is, in a million years I could never have imagined that happening in our neighborhood,” Christensen told the station.

According to local police, George Burdock, Christensen’s neighbor, loaded his .38 caliber gun with snake shot and fired at the dog, hitting her right eye, because he thought Lilly was going to attack him and his two canines.

Christensen, who was getting ready to leash Lilly and take her for a walk at the time of the incident, said her pet “was not aggressive at all.”

After firing the gun, Burdock calmly walked back into his home and refused to help Christensen with the injured dog. Authorities did not charge Burdock in the shooting because another neighbor who witnessed the incident also said Lilly was acting aggressive.

The lack of legal repercussions has inspired local animal lovers to speak out against the decision. On Sunday, over a dozen protesters, including Lilly’s vet Randall Cannon, marched down Burdock’s street holding signs that read “Paws up, don’t shoot.”

“Even if there was a growl or anything like that, which I am not aware of that happening, that happens all the time in dog parks and on sidewalks every day. People just don’t pull out guns and shoot dogs because they are doing dog behavior,” Cannon told WFTV.

The protesters want to see Burdock charged with animal cruelty for shooting Lilly and leaving her with just one eye. Police have not pursued any additional action since the protest. Burdock has now placed “no trespassing” signs on his lawn.

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