Charliston Seixas is no longer allowed to work directly with animals because of the fatal accident


A groomer in Miramar, Florida, is no longer allowed around animals after the hot car death of three dogs under his care.

According to WFOR, Charliston Seixas, the owner of the grooming business Pet Club, accidentally killed the canines when he picked them up from a neighbor’s house for grooming last March.

“It’s a disgraceful mistake. I’m a pet lover. That’s my calling. I’ve been doing this 30 years,” Seixas told WFOR.

Seixas, picked up the dogs and meant to drop them off at his upscale grooming business for service, but instead forgot about the animals in his van and parked the vehicle outside in the hot sun.

After several hours of waiting for the dogs to return, the groomer’s neighbor found the business owner and inquired about the pets. The owner of the three dogs told police that Seixas tried to tell her that her dogs were at the store when he knew they were still in the van. Police accompanied the woman to the store to investigate.

“At that time the victim’s husband opened the defendant’s mobile company vehicle and observed all three dogs deceased inside the vehicle,” a police statement read.

The cause of death for all the dogs was consistent with heatstroke. Because of his negligence, Seixas is no longer allowed to work directly with animals, but can still keep his business. Only his employees will have contact with the animals, since they were not involved in the incident.

Seixas said he feels horrible about the fatal mistake and that he has lost his friendship with the dead dogs’s owners as well because of his actions.