August 05, 2015 08:00 PM

A Florida home was recently filled with disembodied meowing for days, before a Fort Lauderdale firefighter figured out the source.

Was it the friendliest, furriest ghost? Nope. It was a confused and caught kitten.

Firefighter Eric Fillyaw was called to the residence on Tuesday to help find the source of the mews coming from the bathroom, reports Local 10.

After looking around the ground floor of the house, Fillyaw decided to explore the attic, where he discovered a kitten was stuck in the ventilation system leading to the bathroom.

With a solution in sight, the firefighter went to work, opening an air-conditioning vent and carefully pulling the kitten out. The entire rescue was caught on video, including the ash-black cat’s big reveal.

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Fillyaw believes the kitten first found his way onto the roof of the home and then accidentally fell into the ventilation system.

Following the rescue, the firefighter took the kitten to the Broward County Animal Care adoption center, where the animal is currently being cared for. The staff said the kitten needs nourishment, medical supervision and a little time to grow up before he is ready to go to a forever home. Thanks to Fillyaw’s rescue skills, the little explorer is expected to make a full recovery.

Those who want to help the cat should call 954-354-1313 and request extension 9248. The Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue is also taking name suggestions on its Facebook page.

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