Dr. Mohammed Awad was on his way home when he saw the dog's leash get stuck in the closing doors of an elevator

By Claudia Harmata
January 02, 2020 04:50 PM

This Florida-based doctor ended 2019 on a heroic note.

On Sunday, Dr. Mohammed Awad was coming home from work when a dog’s leash got caught in a moving elevator in the lobby of the Olympus Harbor Island Apartments in Tampa, NBC affiliate WFLA reported.

Surveillance video caught the entire incident on camera. The footage shows a woman standing outside of an elevator with her dog when the pet’s leash gets stuck in the closing doors. As the elevator begins to move upward, the leash gets yanked up and the poor pup rapidly rises with it.

Luckily, Awad walked through the lobby’s entrance at that same moment the dog got stuck and the doctor rushed to the rescue, pulling as hard as he could to break the leash and set the dog, who was “gasping for air,” free.

“I dropped all my food on the ground. I tried to break the leash open as hard as I can — I tried, I tried, I tried,” Awad told the outlet. “You can see in the video: The first time, I couldn’t do it, it was just too hard.”

The doctor told WFLA he had just returned from dinner at his parent’s house after his last shift when he saw the leash get snagged in the elevator.

“In one or two seconds, I already knew what was going to happen,” Awad said. “Right when that happened, the dog launched into the air, literally.”

After the pup was rescued, Awad, who in an internal medicine doctor, said he examined the pup to make sure the animal wasn’t hurt, while the owner thanked him for his help.

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“I’m only a human physician, but I went to go assess the dog and examined it, and the dog seemed OK,” Awad said. “But it was just a crazy situation.”

A couple of weeks ago, a Texas man similarly rescued his neighbor’s dog when the small pooch didn’t make it onto the elevator in time with its owner. As the door closed, the owner still held the leash and within seconds it began to pull the dog upwards as the elevator began to move.

Johnny Mathis witnessed the whole thing and sprang into action to save the day; he was able to get the leash off of the dog, saving it from strangulation.