The 13-year-old feline was in so much discomfort she nearly scratched off her ears

By Amy Jamieson
January 12, 2016 09:29 PM

Vinni’s ears were so uncomfortable, she nearly scratched them off.

That’s what one veterinarian tells NBC 5 News about Vinni, a 13-year-old feline who ended up in his care when a Florida couple found the cat hanging around their barn.

“I didn’t think the cat was going to survive more than a day,” said Trey Rosacker, who found the cat. “Always in the same little corner of the barn. Never moved. He was always there. We thought he was going to die and so we started feeding him.”

According to NBC 5, Rosacker brought the cat to Dr. Michael Posner, a veterinarian in Delray Beach, Florida, over the weekend who determined the cat was a female and was suffering from cancer.

“She developed some type of skin cancer from the sun, being outside,” explained Posner. “She constantly scratched at it because it started to irritate her and she just shredded her ears.”

Now in Posner’s care, the cat, who Posner named Vinni, is taking antibiotics and pain medication for her condition. Posner said the feline was likely abandoned by owners who didn’t know what do to with her.

“I feel bad,” Posner told NBC 5, “it’s one of those things, why own a pet if you’re not going to take care of it.”