The reptile was filmed flopping into the grounds of the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida.


A home window, a Chicago lagoon, and now a Florida fence have all faced off against gators and lost.

According to WJAX-TV, Christina Stewart was driving by the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida, on Saturday, when she spotted a strange intruder climbing the station’s fence.

The trespasser was a large alligator, which Stewart caught on camera climbing the fence and flopping over on the other side.

While the clip may seem shocking to some, the Naval Air Station doesn’t seem too worried about the surprisingly agile animal. The facility told WJAX-TV that they don’t plan to remove the gator in this video, or any other alligator around the station, unless the reptile becomes a danger to humans in the area.

“If you are new to Florida or have been here for years, when you see water, assume an alligator could be in it. We have several on the base and they don’t respect our security measures,” the Naval Air Station wrote in a Facebook post following the gator’s fence climb antics. “On the serious side, always be aware with small children and pets. Golfers be aware and watch where you stick your hands. Do not approach them ever!”