The feline says fur-getta-bout-it after doing a handful of crunches

It’s a tough time of year for everyone, cats included.

We’ve all set these high fitness goals for 2016 and are quickly learning that some of them are simply im-paw-sible to achieve.

We’re assuming this pudgy cat planned to do at least 25 sit ups here, as he or she lay cross-legged on the floor. After just two, you can see the cat’s will to continue is waning and by six, that palpable I’m-fierce-like-Fonda attitude is practically — POOF! — gone.

The seventh and final sit up is more like a quick peek in the belly button for lint than a Jillian Michaels-inspired power crunch.

When kitty rolls over in defeat, we ab-solutely know what that feels like (in the tummy region).