"Can't say you see that everyday," the crew shared on their Facebook page

By Claudia Harmata
August 04, 2020 02:55 PM
Still Flyin Charters

One Alabama fishing crew was surprised to see a cat in their nets during a recent fishing excursion.

Last week, Still Flyin Charters, which operates out of Perdido Pass in Orange Beach, was out in the Gulf of Mexico when they discovered a cat stranded in the open ocean.

"Our catch of the day. Poor little guy was sucked out by the tide," the crew shared on their Facebook page. "We caught him just outside the pass in the gulf. He was struggling to stay up."

Still Flyin Charters

The crew was luckily able to rescue the ornage kitten by scooping him out of the water.

Still Flyin Charters

Steve Crews, the captain and owner of Still Flyin Charters, told Fox 29 that the cat was meowing as the crew worked to get it out of the gulf. Once they got the drenched feline on to the boat, the crew made sure to dry and comfort the animal as they brought it back to shore.

Still Flyin Charters

"We caught him, brought him in the boat, and let him recover," the crew's post read. The deckhand was later able to find the cat a new home.

"Can't say you see that every day," the Facebook post from the rescuers reads.