Bocce’s Bakery’s newest treat flavor are available for a limited time

By People Staff
Updated July 01, 2011 06:30 PM

Beer-battered, flaky white fish, served hot with fries and a cold drink. Sounds like the perfect summer meal to enjoy by the beach (or at the bar).

Happily, your dogs can have a taste of that epicurean pleasure with the new Fish & Chip Biscuits ($9.50) from NYC-based Bocce’s Bakery.

The new flavor, which launched July 1 and is only available through Oct. 1, are just as healthy and organic as Bocce’s Bakery’s other treats. They include whitefish, sweet potatoes and even a little parsley to help freshen doggie breath. The treats are chemical free, antibiotic-free and even wheat-free. RELATED: Your Pup Will Happily Snack Smart with Bocce’s Bakery’s Biscuits

Find the new flavor online, at your local pet boutique or at New York City and Connecticut Whole Foods stores. Fry up a batch of fish and chips for yourself, and toss a biscuit over to your pup to share!

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