Bocce’s Bakery’s newest treat flavor are available for a limited time

By People Staff
July 01, 2011 06:30 PM

Beer-battered, flaky white fish, served hot with fries and a cold drink. Sounds like the perfect summer meal to enjoy by the beach (or at the bar).

Happily, your dogs can have a taste of that epicurean pleasure with the new Fish & Chip Biscuits ($9.50) from NYC-based Bocce’s Bakery.

The new flavor, which launched July 1 and is only available through Oct. 1, are just as healthy and organic as Bocce’s Bakery’s other treats. They include whitefish, sweet potatoes and even a little parsley to help freshen doggie breath. The treats are chemical free, antibiotic-free and even wheat-free.

Find the new flavor online, at your local pet boutique or at New York City and Connecticut Whole Foods stores. Fry up a batch of fish and chips for yourself, and toss a biscuit over to your pup to share!

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