Measuring 24.07 inches from hoof to withers, Manikyamar is the shortest living cow

By Amy Jamieson
Updated November 17, 2015 05:15 PM
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When you are the World’s Shortest Cow, life is nothing short of amazing.

The proof is here in this first look video of the bovine beauty that Guinness World Records bestowed upon PEOPLE in celebration of their new 2016 records book.

Her name is Manikyamar and the residents of the village in southern India where she lives are seen here gathering to watch as the GWR crew snaps photos of her for the book’s pages (she dressed well for the occasion, wearing a necklace of pretty flowers).

Your eyes will widen as a local veterinarian Dr. E M Muhammed explains how unique this tiny girl — who belongs to the Vechur breed of dwarf cattle and is 24.07 inches tall from hoof to withers — really is, and how her 88-pound size helps her stay disease and parasite free.

Humidity, he explains, is a major factor that determines the height of cattle in this region.

Watch, listen and then throw this factoid down at your next cocktail party: When short cows like Manikyamar were taken to other, less-humid parts of India, they actually increased in height!