December 06, 2010 11:51 PM

When he was a member of the boy band N’SYNC, Lance Bass lined many a fan’s bedroom wall. The singer is making a return to posters, this time to support the cause for shelter animals.

As the latest face of PETA’s “Adopt, Don’t Buy” campaign, Bass was photographed reclining with his two rescue dogs, Dingo and Foster. Shot by Robert Sebree, Bass and his two furry heartthrobs are featured next to this tagline: “Buying animals is killing animals. Save a homeless dog or cat –always adopt and never buy.”

“The most loyal, loving pets definitely come from the pound,” Bass said in an exclusive interview with PETA. “I think they know where they come from.”

Dingo and Foster made their way into Bass’s life when he adopted them seven years ago. They weren’t his first rescues, though. Bass has adopted eight pets through the years and said that they were all “the nicest, sweetest dogs.”

“When I was a kid watching Price is Right, I would always hear … Bob [Barker] say, ‘Help control the pet population: Get your dogs spayed or neutered,” Bass said. “People are not spaying and neutering like they should be, and there’s just so many dogs that really need a loving home.”

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