First Dog Cafe Set to Open in the U.S.

Felines no longer have a monopoly on coffee and cuddles

Felines no longer have a monopoly on coffee and cuddles.

The United States’s first dog cafe is set to open on April 7 in Silver Lake, California. Rightly called The Dog Cafe, the venue is sure to be an adorable attraction — a place for canine enthusiasts to sip lattes and hob-knob with sweet rescue dogs from the area, all of whom will be available for adoption.

The Dog Cafe’s goal is to reinvent dog adoption, creating a new way for people to connect with potential pets while also giving dogs a more relaxed environment to find forever homes. But you don’t have to be looking for a new furry friend to enjoy this coffee shop; The Dog Cafe also wants to be a home to animal lovers who can’t have pets.


The Dog Cafe

“After I moved to Korea from the United States as a child, I started frequenting the dog cafes there,” Sarah Wolfgang, The Dog Cafe’s founder and owner said in a press release. “As a dog lover, it was amazing to have the opportunity to go see and spend time with pups any time. Yet the sad fact is that those dogs are brought in from puppy mills for the sole purpose of spending their entire lives inside of a cafe, while millions of other animals are out on the streets or abandoned at shelters. The first Dog Cafe in America will serve as a venue for humans to indulge in their love of dogs, while at the same time, improving and saving the lives of many of our nation’s canine residents.”

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Wolfgang is working with several local shelters to bring in dogs who have been repeatedly overlooked because of their age, needs or behavioral issues. All of the pups at The Dog Cafe will be animals who will benefit from the extra socialization the shop offers.


The Dog Cafe

“We consider The Dog Cafe a halfway house for dogs; these pups may have been in bad situations where they were abused or neglected, then started to give up hope while sitting in shelter kennels, but we’re aiming to send each dog on the path to a new life in a forever home,” Wolfgang said.

Once The Dog Cafe opens on April 7, its regular business hours will be Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-7pm. The price to enter is $10, which includes a complimentary coffee or tea. Reservations are recommended. If The Dog Cafe is a success (and how could it not be?), Wolfgang would like to open more shops in major cities across the U.S.

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