First a Movie Deal, Now a Drink: Grumpy Cat Is Now a Coffee!

The frowning feline's face is emblazoned on a new beverage called the Grumppuccino

Maybe Grumpy Cat is actually just caffeine deprived?

If that’s the case, the downtrodden cat’s frown should turn upside down in September when her new premium coffee beverage hits the market.

The Grumppuccino, as the new drink is called, will come in three flavors (coffee, mocha and vanilla – sadly for Grumpy, no tuna), reports Adweek. It will be sold in stores and online come this fall, and features Grumpy Cat’s mega-famous mug on its bottles.

The caffeinated drink is another career accomplishment for the cat (real name: Tardar Sauce), who landed a movie deal earlier this year after starring in a series of webisodes for Friskies.

Not that the attention has gone to her head. “She’s a normal cat. She’s really sweet,” her owner Tabatha Bundesen told PEOPLE in March. “She sleeps like 18 hours a day.”

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