A quick-thinking St. Tammany Fire District firefighter was able to lure six trapped ducklings to safety using his phone

By Kelli Bender
April 27, 2015 05:20 PM

Slidell, Louisiana, has some daring ducks.

Just one week after a duck was rescued from a fireplace there, local firefighters were out again this weekend saving more quackers.

According to the Associated Press, firemen were called in to help six ducklings stuck in a storm drain on Saturday. To rescue the little ones, St. Tammany Fire District firefighter Cody Knecht used his cell phone.

Knecht played a realistic duck ringtone to lure the ducklings out from the depths of the storm drain. After 90 minutes of quacks, the firefighter was able to safely save four of the little mallards. The other two needed another hour of coaxing before they were freed.

None of the ducklings were harmed during the adorable rescue mission, and all of the babies were reunited with their worried mom shortly after their recovery.

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