The crew from Lacey, Washington, used their 'Pet Emergency Pocket Guide' to save the tiny critters

Firefighters don’t just fetch cats from trees – their services are available to all animals. A Texas firefighter recently hopped to action to help a frog caught in a blaze and, on Friday, a crew from Lacey, Washington, heroically rescued a family of hamsters.

The northwestern firefighters used their “Pet Emergency Pocket Guide” and a set of tiny oxygen masks to save the five hamsters found in a mobile home fire, reports ABC News.

First responders quickly put out the flames, and discovered the caged pets in the process. The hamsters – two adult and three babies – were rushed outside and given fresh oxygen from masks specially designed for small animals. Photos of the rescue posted on the Lacey Fire Department’s Twitter account were met with virtual applause from their followers.

Sadly, one of the baby hamster did not survive the fire, but the rest of the pets are said to be doing well thanks to the firefighters’ quick thinking.

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