Jack the dog was saved from a Bakersfield, California, home

By Saryn Chorney
July 24, 2017 02:25 PM

Jack the dog from Bakersfield, California, can thank local firefighters — as well as local Girl Scouts — for the chance to bark another day.

The Bakersfield Fire Department posted a video of Jack’s amazing rescue to Facebook on July 19. His owners had already been evacuated from their burning home, but Jack was stuck inside the house.

“BFD Firefighters rescued a pet canine from the earlier 4627 Quarter Ave residential structure fire today. The small breed dog was pulled from the interior unresponsive, with semi-agonal respirations, and as its concerned owner looked on, BFD Firefighters revived the pet using a specialized animal oxygen mask and high flow oxygen,” reads the social media post.

The rescue was caught on camera by KGET 17 news photojournalist Chuck Dennis, and the station reports that the pup, who was suffering from smoke inhalation, was saved by a special type of pet oxygen mask.


“We did pull that dog to the outside, he actually appeared very lifeless,” Battalion Chief John Frando told KGET 17. “We administered oxygen via a pet O2 mask that was generously donated by a couple of Girl Scouts just last year.”

According to comments in the post, the BFD Firefighters eventually transported the dog to the local veterinary clinic, Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital, for an assessment and continued treatment.

In a follow-up post, BFD Fire Engineer Matt Smith poses with the lucky pup. “BFD Firefighters are pleased to announce that our recently rescued patient, ‘Jack’ has significantly improved,” reads the post. “Jack spent the night receiving extensive oxygen therapy and suffered some respiratory tract injuries and burns to his feet, but is doing well now under a veterinarian’s care. Jack was reunited with his owners today and had a special visitor, BFD Fire Engineer Matt Smith (FS 1 C), who carried the canine from his burning home.”

“BFD Firefighters consider it an honor and duty to serve our community,” the department adds in the comments section of the video. “And that includes protecting our pets, livestock, and wildlife as well. Thank you for your continued support.”

That thanks for support especially goes out to the Girl Scouts, including Hailey and Kiley see in the Action News Now video above, who donated equipment that helped revive Jack. The department says it has tagged the mothers of the girls on Facebook.

KGET 17 reports that $50,000 worth of damage was done to the home, and arson investigators are looking into what caused the fire.