Firefighter Saves Stranded Puppy — Then Rescues Pup Again by Adopting Him

The black-and-white pup is being called Company 24's "new best friend"

Photo: Dekalb Company 24/Facebook

Instead of helping a cat caught in a tree, Dekalb Company 24 — a fire department in Dekalb, Georgia — was called upon to save a puppy stuck by a pond.

According to WSOCTV, on Saturday, Dekalb Company 24 was asked to assist Animal Control in a puppy rescue. Firefighters arrived to find a tiny black-and-white dog stranded on the bank of a pond that Animal Control was unable to reach.

Dekalb Company 24/Facebook

The firefighters were able to safely retrieve the puppy and give her a home. Before taking the pup back to the shelter, Animal Control asked the firefighters and other rescuers if anyone was interested in adopting the dog, since he had no home.

Dekalb Company 24/Facebook

Firefighter Patrick Harrison, one of the rescuers who brought the puppy to safety, decided to adopt the pet on the spot.

The puppy is already being called “Company 24’s new best friend,” according to the department’s Facebook page.

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