April 10, 2018 03:37 PM

Canines can be curious, too.

An adventuresome pup, who hadn’t even opened their eyes yet, found themselves in a tight situation.

According to the Valley Regional Fire Authority’s Facebook page, the Auburn, Washington, fire department recently received a service call about a 3-day-old puppy that managed to fall into a heating vent and slip far out of their owner’s reach.

Concerned about the young dog’s safety, the family called the Valley Regional Fire Authority. They sent out an animal-loving firefighter force who was happy to crawl under the house, disconnect the heating duct and rescue the little pooch.

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Valley Regional Fire Authority

The baby dog is now back in the loving paws of its mom, unharmed by this early life escapade.

As with many fire department animal rescues, this one comes with an adorable shot of the savior and his newly saved furry friend.

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