Turns out a firefighter's helmet can fit ten ducklings

By Kelli Bender
May 23, 2019 04:22 PM

Have you ever wondered how many ducklings fit in a firefighter’s helmet?

South Metro Fire Rescue is here with an answer.

“Confirmed – Fire helmets can hold a maximum of 10 ducklings,” the Colorado fire rescue posted in a Tweet along with video evidence.

According to KCNC, the firefighters were stuffing their helmets with ducklings as part of a rescue effort. Ten ducklings accidentally found their way to the bottom of a storm drain, leaving their mom anxiously pacing by the grate.

Firefighters spied the mom and then found her babies down below. To reunite the family, the firefighters sent a man down the drain to collect the feathered cuties in his helmet.

After safely removing all the ducklings, the firefighter placed his helmet near the mother duck and let her babies jump back into their mom’s waiting wings.

The reunited family then waddled off after a few quacks of appreciation.