Fiona the Hippo Giving a Sweet Smooch to a Little Girl Is the Monday Pick-Me-Up You Need

Sigh. The ever-adorable Cincinnati Zoo hippo is at it again

Photo: Cincinnati Zoo/Instagram

Most internationally known celebrities are camera-shy and reclusive, distrustful of the paparazzi and even wary of fans.

Not so with the world’s most famous hippo. She’ll be your new best friend and even give you a big ol’ kiss — through protective glass, of course.

America’s so-called “large adult daughter,” who’s even been compared to Beyoncé (courtesy of the New York Times), met a miniature human counterpart at the Cincinnati Zoo over the weekend. The ever-outgoing and social media savvy water-dwelling mammal swam right up to the side of her enclosure and greeted the little girl, pressing a happy snout against the glass, her pleasure and affection wholeheartedly on display.

Take a good look. See that little hippo grin? Fiona seems to know exactly what she’s doing.

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This has been a tough year, but every time the-little-hippo-who-could acts up, we thank our lucky stars for gifting us this magical creature. Some even say she ought to be a candidate for TIME’s Person of the Year!

For more adorable Fiona coverage, read all about her pumpkin-tasting activity and acting as a marriage proposal witness here. And, of course, stay tuned to see what snowy adventures and heartwarming photo ops the holiday season has in store for her. (Insert a prayer hands emoji for a snap on Santa’s lap, please!)

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