Fiona the 'Baby' Hippo Has Hit a Major Growth Spurt — See Her at 818 Lbs.!

The once-little girl is all grown up

The hippo that weighed just 29 lbs. when she was born dangerously premature has now gained 22 lbs. in 15 days, reports WLWT.

The Cincinnati Zoo, Fiona’s home, recently shared that the 1-year-old hippo nows weighs an impressive 818 lbs.

Just like little humans, Fiona the (not quite so) baby hippo has hit a growth spurt, healthily progressing to adulthood at what seems like warp speed.

Courtesy Cincinnati Zoo/Mark Dumont

Her big gain started on July 3, when she weighed 796 lbs. Fifteen days later, she weighed in at her new total of 818 lbs. And that was on Wednesday, so Fiona has likely packed on even more since then.

A female Nile hippo, Fiona will likely grow to be upwards of 2,500 lbs.! Pretty amazing for a kid who started off smaller than any other surviving zoo hippo.

Fiona is doing even more big things: The cutie has a children’s book on the way, Fiona the Hippo (Aug. 7, Zondervan), by New York Times bestselling illustrator Richard Cowdrey (Bad Dog, Marley). The tome tells the story of how Fiona, born prematurely and not expected to live, defied odds and inspired millions with her spunk and determination.

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