Fiona the Hippo Has a Boyfriend! Her Biggest Admirer Timothy Sends Edible Bouquet for Her Birthday

Fiona the hippo's boyfriend Timothy resides at the San Antonio Zoo

Fiona the hippo and her boyfriend Timothy don’t let the distance between them get in the way of their adorable relationship.

While Fiona lives over a thousand miles away at the Cincinnati Zoo, her boyfriend Timothy — who resides at the San Antonio Zoo — made sure her third birthday was as special as ever.

Knowing the key to Fiona’s heart, Timothy (with help from zoo staff) sent his girlfriend an Edible Arrangements bouquet on Thursday, according to a picture shared by the Cincinnati Zoo Friday.

“Thanks for the edible arrangement Timothy!” the caption said a photo of Fiona ready to chow down on her fruity present.

Not only did Timothy surprise Fiona with a tasty treat, but he shared a love letter and surprise serenade on Facebook.

“As you turn 3 I want to say that with each passing year you become more and more beautiful, charming and sweet!” Timothy’s post began.

“I mean, heck the moment I first laid eyes on you I already thought you were the most beautiful hippo I had ever seen and yet SOMEHOW, SOME WAY you just keep knocking me off my feet…and that ain’t easy…I HAVE FOUR and a low center of gravity!”

While Timothy isn’t featured in the clip, he did hire his “good buddy, country music star and “official Timothy wingman” Aaron Watson.

In the two-minute long video, Watson sings “Happy Birthday” to Fiona and reminds her that Timothy “loves you so much.”

“He’s sending all his love all the way from San Antonio up to Cincinnati. He wishes he was with you now,” said Watson.

Timothy wasn’t the only one sending Fiona well wishes on her big day.

“Happy 3rd Birthday to the Greatest Hippo in the World! It’s been 3 magical years since fabulous Fiona came into all of our lives and changed us forever!” read an Instagram post from the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden alongside a series of adorable and heartwarming videos of Fiona.

In addition to the birthday shout-out, the zoo treated Fiona to an extra special cake, as well as her very first bubble bath!

“She celebrated her birthday with a cake (made of all of the foods that are part of her regular diet, like hay, beet pulp & produce, but frozen into cake tiers!)” the zoo wrote in an Instagram Story, alongside a shot of Fiona, who’s now 1,248 lbs., snacking on the treat.

The city is celebrating Fiona too — a local brewing company is releasing a new 4-pack of Team Fiona beer and there will also be an ice cream party on Saturday.

In lieu of presents, the zoo has asked that fans of Fiona — who has been voted the #1 Cincinnatian for the past two years — show their support by purchasing a custom t-shirt that will benefit Australian wildlife that has been impacted by the ongoing bushfires.

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