Fiona the Baby Hippo Approves of This Marriage Proposal

Fiona the baby hippo looked on as Nick Kelble proposed to his girlfriend at one of their favorite date spots

Photo: Courtesy Hayley Roll

She might not be an online-registered minister of the Universal Life Church, but she is an official on all things adorable.

This month, Fiona the baby hippo approved of her first proposal, reports The Telegraph. On Oct. 8, Nick Kelble and his girlfriend Hayley Roll visited one of their favorite date spots, the Cincinnati Zoo. Roll thought it was just an outing to celebrate their one-year anniversary, but Kelble and the ring in his pocket had other plans.

When the couple reached the exhibit of one of their favorite animals, international social media sensation Fiona the baby hippo, Kelble got down on one knee and proposed to Roll.

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As if on cue, Fiona paddled up to the glass so she could watch the moving moment up close.

Courtesy Hayley Roll

“We’re so happy Fiona could be there on our special day,” Roll posted on Instagram, along with several photos showing the baby hippo in her front row seat.

Courtesy Hayley Roll

Fiona was even kind and curious enough to stick around for a few snaps after Roll said “Yes.”

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This is just one of the countless adorable things Fiona has done during her 10 months on Earth, so we can only imagine what she has in store for the years to come. Probably plenty more proposals!

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