ArtWorks and Cincinnati Zoo are now taking submissions for the mural which will be painted in July

By Kelli Bender
April 09, 2018 04:58 PM

A few months after celebrating her first birthday, Fiona is enjoying another first.

On Monday, the Cincinnati Zoo and Artworks, a non-profit that employs and trains young artists to help contribute to community art, announced that they are working together to create a giant mural of Ohio’s number one hippo star on a local building.

In July, Fiona’s shining, smiling face will be immortalized on the Rover the Rhine Veterinary Hospital in downtown Cincinnati. Before the first strokes can take place, ArtWorks is looking for ideas.

As part of the Cincinnati Paints by Numbers program, ArtWorks is calling for submissions from all Fiona fans. According to the website, “artists are invited to submit up to three fully rendered, full color designs for jury and public consideration” up until May 7. These submissions must incorporate Fiona and the Cincinnati Zoo.

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Following the submission phase, five finalists will be chosen and then the public will be able to vote for their favorite design for two weeks. The winner’s design will go from idea to reality with the help of ArtWorks’ talented young artists. The public also has a chance to buy tickets for a space to paint alongside the artists and contribute to this important piece of Fiona fandom.

Don’t miss your chance to paint the town hippo.