A Complete Guide to All the Adorable Things Fiona the Baby Hippo Has Done So Far

From first steps to first underwater farts, all the best baby Fiona moments are here

If you’ve managed to dodge all the adorable news about Fiona the baby hippo, you are missing out on pure happiness.

Don’t worry, we have all the highlights from her almost-a-year at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. From birth to bubble bath, first steps to first underwater farts, it’s all here.

Now, the next time you hear someone pipe up about this precious hippo calf, you can seamlessly join the conversation and fully appreciate all the future Fiona milestones still to come.

As with any amazing true story, it’s best to start at the beginning.

Jan. 24, 2017: Fiona is born two months premature. She weighs only 29 lbs., half the weight of a normal baby hippo, causing the zoo to worry that the calf may not survive.

The Cincinnati Zoo

Feb. 6: Just a few weeks after her early birth, Fiona is on her feet and taking her first steps, a huge milestone for a baby the zoo thought might not make it out of the woods.

April 21: Fiona, exploring her surroundings, finds out how relaxing and fun showers can be.

May 27: Still small, but extremely inquisitive, Fiona discovers bubbles for the first time.

June 1: Fiona starts exploring her outdoor habitat. Her curiosity is a good sign that she is growing up strong. These visits to her zoo enclosure start small and grow until she is ready for her public debut.

July 11: Fiona shares her first photo with mom and dad, and it is clear that this hippo knows how to rule social media. The photo is also a big moment for the zoo, which worried Fiona’s dad might reject the calf after spending so much time away from her.

Jenna Wingate/Cincinnati Zoo

July 13: Fiona takes her first nap with her full family. While it seems insignificant to many, this moment is an important milestone. This sweet snooze shows keepers that the family is comfortable enough to sleep as one pod.

July 17: Fiona announces on PEOPLE that she is coming out with a book about her inspiring survival story called Saving Fiona: Science, Social Media, and the Story of a Baby Hippo. Crafted with the millions of Fiona fans in mind, this book is set to come out on Feb. 5, 2019.

Fiona the HippoCredit: Cincinnati Zoo
Cincinnati Zoo

Aug. 29: Already an author, Fiona proves she is a TV star as well with the premiere episode of her Facebook series The Fiona Show. The episodes feature behind-the-scenes looks at Fiona’s most important moments, including her surprise birth.

Sept. 21: One of Fiona’s underwater farts is caught on camera; the world instantly becomes a better place.

Cincinatti Zoo

Oct. 24: Add another line to Fiona’s growing resume — matchmaker! The sweet calf played witness to a surprise proposal at the zoo. “We’re so happy Fiona could be there on our special day,” the bride-to-be posted on Instagram, along with several photos showing the baby hippo in her front row seat.

Oct. 26: In the spirit of Halloween (and trick-or-treating), Fiona chows down on the most seasonally appropriate of gourds: pumpkin!

Oct. 31: Tragedy strikes the Cincinnati Zoo. Fiona’s father, Henry, passes away. Keepers believe that Fiona and Bibi will be fine on their own without Henry, but that the surviving family members will likely notice Henry is gone and wonder why he isn’t answering their “contact calls.”

Dec 4: All Fiona needs is love. Everyone’s favorite social media sensation zoo mammal makes a new, human best friend in the form of an equally adorable little girl. The dynamic duo share a brief smooch and the Internet goes wild.

Dec. 15: All grown up! The Cincinnati Zoo announces that Fiona’s bottle-feedings will soon end. #TeamFiona posts a video to Instagram saying they “will be transitioning her to 100% solid foods in the next few days.”

What will her first meal be? Lettuce? Grass? Christmas cookies? We’re sure the zoo will document the big bites — and we can’t wait to see.

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