DogVacay is teaming up with the American Humane Association to find temporary housing for displaced pets

By Kelli Bender
September 21, 2015 06:53 PM

The recent wildfires in California are an example of how natural disasters can wreak havoc on pets’ lives, destroying their homes and separating them from their owners. DogVacay is determined to make a change. 

The pet-sitting community is teaming up with the American Humane Association’s Red Star Rescue team to help provide temporary housing for pets displaced by natural disasters and educate pet owners on how to prepare their entire family for an emergency. 

Since many evacuation shelters cannot take pets, the DogVacay Disaster Relief Program will connect evacuating owners with specially-trained pet sitters in DogVacay’s network who are willing to volunteer their homes and services. All of these sitters will undergo American Humane Association certification training when they register to take displaced pets. In addition, DogVacay will cover the expenses taken on by the sitter at a rate of $30 per night per pet, to the sitter, for up to 10 nights. 

“During Hurricane Sandy, an estimated 30 million animals, including 14.5 million dogs and 15.3 million cats, were caught in the path of one of the worst natural disasters in our lifetime,” Aaron Hirschhorn, founder and CEO of DogVacay, said. “When every second counts amid the chaos of a mass evacuation, it is crucial for pet owners to be prepared and know their options to keep their loved ones safe.”

The program will start on Nov. 1, which means that in the event the Red Star Rescue team is called in to respond to a “state of emergency” disaster, DogVacay will assist them in finding temporary housing for pets. You can help DogVacay protect animals displaced by natural disasters by going through the American Humane Association’s certification training and opening up your home to displaced pets. To learn more about the program and how to prepare your pets for a natural diaster, visit DogVacay’s website