Or, "a cat's eye view"

If you’ve ever wanted a first-person view of what it’s like to run a cat cafe, GoPro has you covered.

The popular camera, which has previously taken us inside rattlesnake dens and shark close-calls, lets viewers get a good look at Cat Life Cafe, one of the first cat cafes in Shanghai and a much more pleasant place than a rattlesnake den or shark habitat. (For starters, look at that latte art.)

Cat Life Cafe has been in business for about six years, and is different from other cat cafes, owner Xi explains, because here “the cats are the owners. We are their guests.” (How that’s different from any other cat/human cohabitation, we have no idea.)

“One of the main goals of opening a cat cafe,” Xi adds, “is to let more people connect and understand cats.” We’re happy there are also people willing to strap a camera to their chest to achieve that goal. It’s truly a higher calling.