Twitter was outraged that this sweet dog was not getting the love he craves

By Kelli Bender
Updated November 02, 2016 04:53 PM

Dublin the pit bull adores Halloween. Unlike some pets who are difficult to get into costume, he happily sported some spooky horns for the big day to help pass out candy to trick-or-treaters.


Unfortunately, Dublin’s horns were too spooky. The kids who came up to his door refused to pet the friendly dog because they thought he looked scary. Dublin’s owner, William, who is away at college, found out this tragic news when he called his mom to check in. Outraged that his beautiful pup wasn’t getting the adoration he deserved, William posted a tweet about the situation with photos of his dog literally crying in costume.

While the kids in Dublin’s neighborhood had little love for him on Halloween, the internet immediately connected to the sweet pup and tweeted condolences and tears of support.

Personally invested in Dublin’s happiness, many tweeters asked for updates on the rest of the dog’s night. William provided, and luckily the Halloween evening had a happy ending for the pit bull.

Courtesy William Barriteau

In follow-up tweets, William calmed the distraught dog-loving masses by letting them know that several children ended up hugging Dublin and that William’s aunt eventually made petting the dog a requirement to get candy.

A Facetime chat with an excited Dublin later on that night proved to William that his beloved pet was back in good spirits.