Izabelle is finally getting a little "me" time
Credit: Best Friends Animal Society

Izabelle better get a Mother’s Day card this year, because there are 14 little meowing mouths that owe her a big thank you.

The little cat with a big heart originally lived in a New York City home with two other adult female cats. The trio each gave birth to a litter of kittens around the same time, leading to 14 kittens crawling around with only three moms to handle them all. Unfortunately, the other new moms living with Izabelle had trouble nursing their babies. Instead of watching the kittens suffer, Izabelle adopted them all, working around the clock to keep all 14 fed.

Credit: Best Friends Animal Society

Overwhelmed by new arrivals, the tabby cat’s owners surrendered the surrogate mom and 14 babies to Animal Care Centers of N.Y.C. With some of the kittens at just nine days old, the ACC knew it would need additional resources to get the entire family to a place where they are adoptable. While many think kittens are easy to adopt, they aren’t ready for a forever home until they are at least eight weeks old, when they are large enough to be spayed or nurtured and no longer need mom for nutrition.

Credit: Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society was able to step up and take in the super-mom and her adorable brood, bringing them to its new center, complete with kitten nursery, in New York City. Along with receiving medical treatment for herself and her 14 kids, Izabelle was given something she craved even more: time to rest.

All of Izabelle’s work paid off. Veterinarians determined that all of the kittens are healthy and developing on track. Two of the mom’s kittens are old enough to move to a wet food diet and several others are now receiving care from fosters and shelter volunteers, leaving Izabelle with a much more reasonable eight kittens to care for.

Credit: Best Friends Animal Society

The next step is to find a foster home for Izabelle and her slimmed down set of kids. Once the kittens no longer need to nurse, all eight of them plus mom will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, which means they will all be ready to find their forever homes.