Ariel was brought to a Spokane, Washington, shelter as a stray with a rare form of breast cancer

For a young, little cat, Ariel has already gone through a lot of battles.

According to KREM, the orange tabby was found as a stray in Spokane, Washington, several weeks ago and was taken to Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS).

During her admission check-up, shelter workers discovered the cat had a rare form of breast cancer known as bilateral mammary adenocarcinoma.

Through the SCRAPS Hope Foundation — a non-profit that funds animal transportation, shelter pet medical services and more — SCRAPS was able to pay for Ariel’s cancer treatment.

The feline recently underwent one mastectomy to remove the cancer and is preparing for another, according to SCRAPS’ Facebook page. Once this operation is complete, Ariel will be ready to start the search for her forever home.

SCRAPS is looking for someone to foster Ariel while she heals and then adopt the cat once her treatment is totally complete. The shelter says the young kitty is playful and affectionate, making her an ideal companion.

If you are unable to adopt Ariel, but would still like to help this courageous cat, donations to the SCRAPS Hope Foundation will go to helping her and other animals like her.

SCRAPS told KREM a cat’s breast cancer risk drops by 91 percent if the feline is spayed before they are 6 months old.