Feces-Covered Dogs Abandoned at Shelter In 'Horrendous' Condition

One of the terrier mixes had fur so matted he struggled to walk

Cold, scared and hungry — that was the condition of three dogs left covered in feces in a cage outside the SPCA in Palmerston North, New Zealand, on Tuesday, a shelter manager told Stuff, which reported the story.

“It was just two bread crates zip-locked together; there was no note, no call,” said Manawatu SPCA manager Katie Pedersen. “There wasn’t even a little water left for them. You’d think that would be the least you could do.”

Pedersen told Stuff there was an overwhelming smell when she discovered the dogs.

“I just called the [animal welfare] inspectorate straight away … The neglect was so clear it was obviously going to need to be investigated,” Pedersen said.

Manawatu SPCA general manager Danny Auger, who suspected these may be former breeding dogs, described the unidentified person who did this to them as “gutless.”

“They’re in horrendous condition … their fur is matted right down to the skin,” Auger told Stuff. “The boy is having trouble walking because the matting around his hind legs is so tight.”

Staffers used two set of scissors and a pair of electric clippers to remove matted fur from the dogs, who were described as unfamiliar with different kinds of environments.

“I don’t think they’ve ever been on leashes in their life, judging by how they freaked out when we tried to put them on leads,” Auger told Stuff. “It all points to a backyard breeder.”

Anyone with information about these dogs is encouraged to contact the Manawatu SPCA.

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